About Us

So you made the smart choice to vacation in Jamaica, congrats! Showcase Jamaica Tours Ltd. is a premier tour company whose sole objective is to ensure that your Jamaican experience is unforgettable and that you are "wowed" by our fabulous island as we aim to showcase its unsurpassed beauty, warm caring people and rich, unique culture.

Showcase Jamaica Tours Ltd is a fully authentic, registered Jamaican company (Jamaica Tourist Board approved), owned and operated by persons who understand world class standards of service and have globe trotted five continents and therefore know what is required to please the most discerning traveler. Whether you are a “Sports Aficionado”, Nature Lover, “ Foodie” ,Music Lover , Thrill Seeker or just want to soak up the tranquility of our more peaceful, laid back spots, “no problem mon”, we have something for everyone and we can design tour itineraries(including hotel accommodation) that will make it special just for YOU.

We are security conscious and are aware of your concerns so our tours are designed to keep you safe. Our drivers are careful and experienced in traversing the length & breadth of Jamaica; our Tour Guides are eager to please, well trained, knowledgeable and are certified by the Jamaica Tourist Board (most are bilingual). Thoughtful, personalized service is our hallmark.

We invite you to join us on any of our 40 tours or let us tailor one just for YOU and let us take the hassle out of your trying to find your way around. Allow us to pamper and spoil you, c’mon YOU deserve it, we look forward to serving you!

Mission Statement

Showcase Jamaica Tours mission is to enrich the vacation experience of vacationers by enabling them to enjoy the beauty and uniqueness of Jamaica, to understand our culture as a people and to be delighted by our warm hospitality.